swole momma

SWOLE: (rhymes with goal.)  a slang term used to describe strength; physically built; having a well developed physique; having large, toned muscles.  “Dang, Emily Dakolios must be working out at Crossfit every day! She’s looking swole!”

DA-SWOLE-IOS: (sounds like Dakolios.) nickname used to describe members of the Dakolios family; Emily or Dave; fit couple found at Crossfit Crowned.  “Hey, Daswoleios! Will you be my workout partner?!” Abbrev. “Swolly”


I have had the pleasure of working out with strong sweetheart, Emily, for countless 9:15 am Crossfit classes.  At Crossfit Crowned, Wednesdays are always partner workouts, so on those mornings we would team up and attack it together, side by side, sharing the workload and encouraging each other, pushing each other, and on rare occasions, literally catching each other. (lol! Those demon box jumps! Emily, I saved your face on that last one. You’re welcome.) I loved working out with Emily, and as her pregnant belly grew I knew my days with her at the gym were numbered.  Soon she would have to take a break, right? Wrong. She carefully continued to work out at the gym right.up.until.the.very.day.she.delivered. Ha! Her baby is beautiful and healthy, and her delivery went smoothly and quickly. The last few months of pregnancy I would often hear other members tell Emily that she was doing awesome, and that her dedication to staying fit and healthy really inspired them.  It’s true. None of us felt like we could complain when the WODs got tough, because here’s Emily, with an extra front load, still crushin it. With a smile. She inspired and motivated everyone. It was a cool thing to witness. Respect. *fist bump*

And so of course I asked Emily if I could bring my camera in someday during one of the workouts and photograph her.  Because you don’t often see an 8months+ pregnant lady doing pull-ups and push-ups and squats and handstand push ups and lunges and deadlifts and bench presses and push presses and jump roping and kettlebell swings and box jumps….you get the picture. I was quite excited when Emily agreed. What a good sport.



I also asked Emily to share a little bit for those who are curious about maintaining this level of fitness during this stage of pregnancy.  She was happy to answer questions regarding her experience.


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