Red, White and Blue

Cindy and I (the ‘indy’s) have a pull to red, white and blue.  The nostalgia connected with it.  There is something about summer, our freedoms, patriotism that makes us happy.  The respect we have for the colors, and those that protect them is heavy.  We have talked about how those colors just draw our eyes and our hearts.  Summer and red, white and blue.  Memorial Day, July 4th, and Labor Day – that’s summer in Ohio.  Often, however, with these holidays we forget the reasoning and emotion behind such a celebration.

In 2016 there are 322,762,018 people,  colors, and 1 flag.  So, in today’s world, as we struggle to find common ground on politics, religion, race, lifestyle.  We can celebrate that we come together for 1 symbol.  That 1 symbol should remind us that in the end – we support each other. On the daily, we are sent images of tragedy, destruction, hopelessness and fear. Today, let’s find our hope, our strength, and our future and gather around our 1 symbol and find joy.

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