Memories aren’t always smiles

Photographs are memories that we freeze.  A still frame of something we don’t want to forget – or better yet, someone we don’t want to forget. The emotions captured are what preserve that place in time for us.  Cindy’s talents capture emotion in almost every picture she takes.  The beauty of her photography is in the life behind the faces, the moment frozen in time.  Sometimes, those pictures aren’t always smiles.  The emotions of life are real and some are sad.  Regardless, those moments we want to freeze in our hearts and never forget.  June 16, 2016 is a day I will never forget.  My son Emmanuel’s day of birth and death.  These pictures Cindy captured freeze the moment at the funeral when I found Emmanuel’s purpose in the midst of my grief.  In the middle of my heart break she captured a point in my life when I felt my son’s life was not wasted.  Though these pictures have no faces, they’re pictures of my son and the message I received that day.  He was created in love, lived in love, knows only love.  So with that, I will Live in Love.  Photography isn’t about faking it, it’s about living and capturing it – that is Lifestyle Photography.


Lifestyle Photography tells a story, you can see a story of a family, memory or event by flipping through the images.  These pictures capture the story of me as a mom with my children.  You’ll see the teddy bear, the tattoo, my love for my kiddos here on Earth with me and my love for my kiddo waiting for me with Our Father.  These images tell a story about a place for a child that will forever be in our family and in our hearts. Life will keep moving; Claire, Luke and Ben will keep growing and Emmanuel will always be part of us.  God will always be part of us, and we will Live in Love.  So, though my memories of Emmanuel aren’t always smiles what I remember is more than happy – it’s real emotion.  It’s humbling, it’s pain, it’s longing, it’s depression, it’s anxiety, it’s inadequacy, it’s fear, it’s sadness, it’s hope, it’s faith,and it’s love. And now, it’s captured and my baby boy will always be remembered. Emmanuel, God With Us.  With Love, Lindy


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