Goin bananas with apples.

#RealLife. That was the response from mom when I sent her a preview pic from her session. And she’s right. Real life indeed. That’s the way I like it, and I think it’s fair to say the final pix represent well the silliness, love, wiggles, giggles, and natural childlike ability to run free and find adventure. With a pause here and there to connect with a hug, or blow a bubble (and swiftly pop it of course.) Watching them I was struck by this mommas beauty and strength. Under her watchful eye, the kids go to run, wrestle, and play with joy and confidence. Their individual personalities shining with each expression. I literally couldn’t stop taking pictures. I enjoyed these kids very much. It was a happy shoot and as a result I feel we got what we came for. ┬áThis is a good example of why I coach clients who aren’t sure what to expect, to try to come with a laid back attitude, let go of expectations, and trust me. Let the moments happen. Give it time to unfold. Forget about the fact that I’m there with a camera. Go about your business. Don’t micro manage the kids if you can help it. If you want pictures that reflect THEM, you must allow them freedom to be themselves. This is the difference between portraits and lifestyle. I try to incorporate both. There are no guarantees, but usually if you let the kids go bananas for a bit, they are willing to come back and gather for a still. And if not, then try bribing them with candy.






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